Class ElitistAntSystem

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    public abstract class ElitistAntSystem
    extends AntSystem
    This class belong to the core classes of the Ant Framework.

    Implements the Elitits Ant System algorithm. It is essentially the same as Ant System, but the arcs of the best-so-far tour are reinforced on each iteration using the daemonActions() function. Empirical results shows that this behaves better that Ant System.

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      • epsilon

        protected static final int epsilon
        Determine the weight given to the best-so-far tour Used in the daemonActions() method
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    • Constructor Detail

      • ElitistAntSystem

        protected ElitistAntSystem​(Enviroment E)
        Constructor. Allocates the enviroment.
        E - enviroment
      • ElitistAntSystem

        protected ElitistAntSystem()
        Constructor. Empty constructor.
    • Method Detail

      • checkParameters

        public void checkParameters()
                             throws AntFrameworkException
        Description copied from class: Metaheuristic
        Checks whether or not all of the algorithm's parameters exists. If some obligatory parameter do not exist, the function throws an exception. If some other parameter do not exists but it is possible to set a default value, here is the place to do it.
        checkParameters in class AntSystem
      • daemonActions

        public void daemonActions()
        Description copied from class: Metaheuristic
        This function is called on each iteration and it provides a way to implement centralized actions
        daemonActions in class AntSystem