Class AntSystemRank

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    public abstract class AntSystemRank
    extends ElitistAntSystem
    This class belong to the core classes of the Ant Framework.

    Implements the Rank Ant System algorithm. It is essentially the same as Elitist Ant System, but the arcs of the best-so-far tour of the best r ants are reinforced proportionally to the ant's rank Empirical results shows that this behaves slightly better that Elitits Ant System.

    • Constructor Detail

      • AntSystemRank

        protected AntSystemRank​(Enviroment E)
        Constructor. Allocates the enviroment.
        E - enviroment
      • AntSystemRank

        protected AntSystemRank()
        Constructor. Empty constructor.
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      • pheromonesUpdate

        public void pheromonesUpdate()
        Description copied from class: Metaheuristic
        Updates the pheromone trail contained in the enviroment E according to some ACO algorithm specific logic
        pheromonesUpdate in class AntSystem