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This class implements an abstract timer mainly used to draw functions on the canvas.
Please note that there are several ways to improve the speed of this class, for instance using a Graphic object for each thread, using GPointArray instead of an array of GPoints, etc.
This interface contains all the methods that will be executed after starting, pausing, resuming and stopping a timer.
This class is used within GFormula representing ℝ → ℝ functions
This class represents a basic canvas, it has some features that may seem useless...
This class represents a generic Configuration class, with change listeners.
These events are triggered from the Config class each time something is added, updated or removed.
This interface must be implemented on all objects that should be notified of changes on the Config class.
Since configs are individual objects for each name, this objects must be registered against every configuration that should be controlled
This exception is usually thrown when one attempts to calculate f(x) and x is not a part of the domain of f
This class represents a pair of Cartesian axis.
This class wraps an Area in a GraphicE, in order to create a clipping area from GFillableE.
This represents an abstract fillable element
This class represents a basic Formula.
It translates a Calculable into a Graphic.
This class creates a simple line grid
The purpose of this class is to create animated GIFs from a series of canvas snapshots
Wraps a BufferedImage into a GraphicE object
This class represents a line segment
Represents an abstract array of (x, y) coordinates.
Note: even though this class extends from GFillableE it's the subclass option to enforce the fill methods
This class represents a mutable point
This class represents a vector and it's projections, it's mainly used in physics problems where you need to print how the orthogonal components of a vector changes
This class represents a Graphic made by a collection of GraphicE components.
Note: this class is a GraphicE on itself, so you can add it to Graphics.
This class came as an exercise to create Graphic objects from text without modifying the classes themselves, it was later used on Graphic Designer, and finally decided to add it to add it to the extras package.
This class is pretty handy to create simple drawing based GUIs, since manipulating strings is orders of magnitude easier than using Graphics.
This class represents an abstract Graphical Element
Creates a simple sprite, if you need help creating the pixmaps, you should probably try out PixmapCreator
This class wraps a String in a GraphicE
This class wraps a AffineTransform in a GraphicE, in order to give a bit more "flexibility" to Graphic objects
This class represents a Vector, basically a line with a triangular tip.
If the modulus of the vector is 0 then not even the triangle is drawn.
This class creates a Resultant Vector as a result of the sum of a finite number of vectors.
This exception is usually thrown when something goes wrong with an interval
This class is used within GFormula representing ℝ → ℝ2 functions
This class basically implements a pausable thread.
Implements a Tic-Toc mechanism.
This class is very basic, but at least it's easy...
This class assists in calculating how many times something happens on a second or to calculate the mean time between calls.
Please note that this class was designed to be used for debugging or counting small things, when the action is executed more than 1e15 times the error in the total average TPS.tps() is very big.