Class ParametricCalculableTimer

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public class ParametricCalculableTimer extends AbstractTimer<ParametricCalculable>
Federico Vera <[email protected]>
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    • getThread

      protected PThread getThread(ParametricCalculable calculable, int threadNumber, int threadsTotal, boolean drawPen)
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      getThread in class AbstractTimer<ParametricCalculable>
    • traslate

      public void traslate(int x, int y)
      Description copied from class: GraphicE
      Traslates this element on X and Y
      Specified by:
      traslate in class GraphicE
      x - size in px of the horizontal translation
      y - size in px of the vertical translation
    • draw

      public void draw(Graphics2D g)
      Description copied from class: GraphicE
      Draws the component on the given graphics
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      draw in class GraphicE
      g - where to draw
    • clone

      public GraphicE clone()
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      clone in class GraphicE