Class GVectorPolygon

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public class GVectorPolygon extends GraphicE
This class creates a Resultant Vector as a result of the sum of a finite number of vectors.
Federico Vera <[email protected]>
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    • append

      public void append(GVector... vector) throws IllegalArgumentException
      Appends a finite number of vectors to the Polygon, let it be noted that the order in which the vectors are appended is the same order in which they will be shown
      vector - GVector containing the vectors to be added.
      IllegalArgumentException - if vector is null
    • traslate

      public void traslate(int x, int y)
      Description copied from class: GraphicE
      Traslates this element on X and Y
      Specified by:
      traslate in class GraphicE
      x - size in px of the horizontal translation
      y - size in px of the vertical translation
    • draw

      public void draw(Graphics2D g)
      Description copied from class: GraphicE
      Draws the component on the given graphics
      Specified by:
      draw in class GraphicE
      g - where to draw
    • clone

      public GVectorPolygon clone()
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      clone in class GraphicE