All Classes and Interfaces

Represents an argument separator in functions i.e: ','
This class represents a valid mathematical expression.
Factory class for Expression instances.
A class representing a Function which can be used in an expression
This class contains a wrapper that allows creating expression based functions.
Class representing the builtin functions available for use in expressions
This class contains a set of commonly used boolean functions and constants.
This class contains a small set of useful functions that don't really fit in the other categories.
This class contains some additional functions related with signal processing.
Represents a Function
Represents a number in the expression
Class representing operators that can be used in an expression
This class implements all the built-in operators both arithmetic and boolean.
This class contains the implementation of comparison and equality operators.
Represents an Operator
Shunting yard implementation to convert infix to reverse polish notation
Small wrapper for ResourceBundle
Abstract class for tokens used by exp4j to tokenize expressions
Types of tokens available
This exception is being thrown whenever Tokenizer finds unknown function or variable.
Contains the validation result for a given Expression
represents a setVariable used in an expression